Monday, February 18, 2013

11th Rotation

Kindergarten read, What Does Bunny See?, by Linda Sue Park. We then made daisies for a bulletin board that will go up for the author visit. We also used one of the students and imitated the ALA READ posters. The student is holding the author's book. The daisies were made using paper cups and cutting lines down the side of the cup. Next students used a marker to color the center. They will be stapled all over the bulletin board next. We wrote as a class using the pattern that the author uses in the book making up our own stanza using the color white and rhyming the first sentence with the color.

 Grade 1 read, The Firekeeper's Son, and wrote about how people communicate today.

Grade 2 read, The Third Gift, by Linda Sue Park.

Grade 3 read, The Third Gift.  

Grade 4 put together their sijo poems

Grade 5 is creating a Jeopardy game based on a biography of Linda Sue Park.

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