Monday, May 28, 2012

Overdrive Digital Library

Parents have been asking for reading levels of the books in Overdrive because it is hard to tell if they are picture books or chapter books. I put together a list of all the books and leveled them.

The following list has 317 eBooks and audiobooks:

May 2012 list of eBooks and Audiobooks

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Giddy-up, It's Summer Reading

The dreadful book list question. I get it every year. I've tried to keep book lists, but they get outdated as soon as I make them. I wish I could whip 'em out like a lasso but I'm catching air. And spinning in circles. It's really time-consuming. So when I find a good website with lists of books it is a giddy-up moment!

Here's one:

Please help me add to it and leave a comment.

Best review I've read on Hunger Games

Stanley Fish authored this great review at

Here's info on Mr. Fish

Stanley Fish is a professor of humanities and law at Florida International University, in Miami. In the Fall of 2012, he will be Floersheimer Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He has also taught at the University of California at Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Duke University and the University of Illinois, Chicago. He is the author of 13 books, most recently “How to Write a Sentence,” a celebration of sentence craft and sentence pleasure; “Save the World On Your Own Time”; and “The Fugitive in Flight,” a study of the 1960s TV drama.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Overdrive Digital Library

The Lower School and Upper School are piloting Overdrive Digital Library. I purchased 100 eBooks and audiobooks while the Upper School bought 50.  I introduced it to parents last week and 96 books have been checked out in 6 days. I'd say they like it! I put together videos on how to use it. Overdrive has a help file but it is a little confusing to use with all the options.

What is wonderful about Overdrive is that the check in and check out is automatic. Also, people can put books on hold any time and any place. There is no worry about books getting lost or damaged. Some drawbacks to Overdrive are that it doesn't work on the Kindle, there are limited book selections internationally, and the audiobooks have mostly wma versus mp3 files. The mp3 files work with the Overdrive app and are easier to use than the wma files.

I am connected to three Overdrive libraries which allows for quite a variety of choices in books. I use the Taipei Public Library in Taiwan, the Hennepin County Library in Minnesota, and our school's.