Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2nd Rotation: Lessons for Grades KA - 5

The second 10 day rotation has been completed and we've rolled out the iPads and laptops. I have an amazing 24 laptops and 12 iPads that I can use with all the students in the elementary school!

KA - these 4 year old tots are still deers in the headlights with the library and its routines. We read the book, Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. Sometimes a book is so gorgeous I want to put it next to my cheek and stroke the cover. The oil illustrations have shades of green I didn't know existed and the thickness of the paint gives the pages a three dimensional look. Sprinkle in a great story line with hidden pictures and voila, you have a very engaging book for adults and younger children.

Kindergarten - We read The Magic Hat by Mem Fox. Actually I sing the repetitive parts and wear my light-up Mickey Mouse Fantasia hat. When done we acted out the book and made a video on the iPad using iMovie. Check it out below:

 Then the KA class came in and several girls were dressed up at princesses. I couldn't resist making another video. Here it is:

 Grade 1 - We read the book, Oh No, by Mac Barnett and made scary faces on the iPad using Photobooth app - I was hoping it would help with them remember the story, especially the students with limited English. When I asked them about the story about 1 out of every 4 students knew what it was about. The next class I talked more about the story more students remembered it. They were really motivated using the app.

Here's the response on what we read:

 Grade 2 - We read Life with Mammoth by Ian Fraser. Two cavemen try to catch a mammoth as a pet. Crack out your caveman voice for this funny book.

Grade 3 - we used the Destiny Quest app on the iPads. Students searched for books. Next week they will do a scavenger hunt on the iPads using the Pic Collage app.

 Grade 4 - Did the laptop questionnaire on google apps. They didn't know the words "considered" "chain mails" ... I have 275 questionnaires to go through to check for understanding. It would appear that grade 4 lacks knowledge and need to learn more skills before they can check out after school. Email me if you want to see the questionnaire.

 Grade 5 students also took the laptop questionnaire and I pulled books for them based on their reading interest survey from last week. Teachers gave me DRA scores so I was able to get "just right" books. It took me 1 1/2 - 2 hours to pull books for each class and with 8 sections it was a beast trying to do it. I did booktalk with each kid and I gave out new books that I had gotten. The students love it when the book is brand new. Next year if the teacher doesn't give me the DRA score I'm not going to pull books for the class. I usually picked books that were too hard or easy and it took me longer than when I had DRA scores - even if the scores were from grade 4 it helped. I should maybe spread this out over two rotations and flip-flop lessons covering the catalog and eBooks with half the classes and handing out books. This will help me with not running out of books and break up the additional 16 hours of prep time. Another thing that would be good if I flip-flopped is that some teachers were in the middle of DRA testing so my timing was off for those who didn't get done in time.    

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