Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I read a  book called, Be My Neighbor, by Maya Ajmeria & John D. Ivanko to grade 1 students. The book was too long but the pictures were nice so I started making up my own story. Grade 1 is studying neighborhoods and will go on a field trip around the school looking at what makes up a neighborhood. I can't find a book I really like on neighborhoods and would love any recommendations.

After reading the book we used the Epson Brightlink and matched photos to people, places or vehicles. The kids love to use the Brightlink but with 1st graders it takes too long to give everyone a turn. I lost the first class and after half the class was done they were pulling books off the shelves and rolling around on the stage. I talked to Grade 1 Teacher, Scott, and he suggested trying to have half the class (such as the girls) go checkout books while the other half (the boys) play the matching game and then switch. Or choose students who are listening to match the pictures and let them checkout books as they finish matching photos.[youtube][/youtube]

I did try to make a game out of the matching with the next class where they had to tell me what picture went with what person. This kept their attention much better but it still got too long. I think if I combine both of the ideas the lesson would be much better; that is, I can ask how the pictures match and when they get squirmy, which varies with every class and the time of day, I can send them off to find books.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a library media specialist at a K-4 elementary school in Rhode Island, USA.
    LOVE your website. I came across it while searching for info. and ideas on how to use my new Epson BrightLinks projector. Anyway, have a possible idea for the neighborhood book. It is fiction, so perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but how about Madlenka, by Peter Sis? The little girl runs around her NYC neighborhood excitedly telling all her neighbors that she lost a tooth..the art is beautiful and the neighbors are each from different countries, and are also in different, you could spin it to talk about neighborhoods, perhaps..