Sunday, April 21, 2013

14th Rotation - that time of year

My schedule turns topsy-turvy this time of year. Between camp Taiwan, field trips, CPT4 - er... or is it the CTP4 ...or the CPR4? and the WRAP... (is there another P in there?) combine those and you have (drum roll) the CRAP4, but that's kind of gross isn't it? Blame my crudeness on a hysterical book I'm reading called, "The Templeton Twins" (or the letter "P" triggering the toilet bowl humor); it pokes fun at acronyms as well as writing and everything else under the literary sun. Yup, it is that time of year. My mashed potato brain is completely randomized to the point of making up nonsensical words and sentences. Let's move on, shall we? (I borrowed that line from the Templeton Twins where the narrator is more of a main character than the Templeton kids - the asides are funny and constant - pick it up if you need a chuckle). Again... LET'S MOVE ON.

 Kindergarten - No idea what we did. JK. We read "Sleep Like a Tiger." Gorgeous, surreal-type artwork that resembles a dreamlike state. It's about a kiddo who won't sleep. I couldn't figure out the wheel thingys on each page and said to the kids in a scholarly voice, "Ohhh... I think it is that Native American dream weaver thingamajig." Har-har. "Dream Weaver" is a song they loved to play at roller skating rinks in the 70s. "Ooooh-hoo-hoo, dream weaver, I believe you can get me through the night..." (What's that? Okay, I'll move on.) Once I dropped off the dream weaver train and remembered the Native Americans dream catcher thingy, the idea made more sense. Dream catchers hung by the bed to catch nightmares and let only good dreams come through. I can see why this book won a Caldecott Honor in 2012.  

Grade 1 - Pooh - I missed the weather unit with the kids. I have a great lesson to go with it. There's always next year. We read, "Red Riding Hood," a Prairietale twist. Their next unit is plants... maybe Jack and the Beanstalk is in order.

 Grade 2 - We read "Fly Guy." Buzzzz.... (FLY ON, PLEASE)

 Grade 3 - We began our book trailers on Photostory. Details are under Grade 3 lessons. (My class is here. Gotta pick up the pace.)

 Grade 4 - They were at camp. I read "The Widow's Broom" by Chris Van Allsburg to those around. (I twirl my imaginary mustache.) We discussed Salem witch trials, tolerance and bullies. (Mwa-ha-ha... I had their attention). Got one kid to read "Witch of Blackbird Pond" and another to read, "You wouldn't want to be a Salem Witch."  

Grade 5 - I book talked with the kids and they took a survey on reading habits to let me know what lessons they liked this year. I'll adjust according to the results which of course, have been quite positively positive. (Here's a sample question: True or False (choose one). I am a great librarian 1. True 2. True)

Just one more aside - I just had a first grader tell me the character in the book I read sounded like Elmer Fudd. That set me off... all the w's became v's. Vell, it's been a fun morning... THAT's ALL FOLKS.

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