Monday, April 8, 2013

13th Rotation

Kindergarten - We did the All About Me unit which I was supposed to do in the fall. Better late than never? They like this lesson and this was the easiest time I had with them doing it.  
Grade 1 - We read, "Yoon and the Jade Bracelet." It is somewhat didactic but we discussed getting along with each other and respecting each others property. We also talked about what it is like when someone is new to a school and how to treat them. 
Grade 2 - We read, "Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth!" by Sarah Weeks. It shows character voice and persuasive writing. Students laughed hard but didn't understand all of the jokes - it is better for older students. 
Grade 3- Added photos for book trailers  
Grade 4 - Follett and Overdrive. Students login is now the same as their network login so we used the iPads to see who could and couldn't login and I went over how to use Overdrive which has a new interface. We requested our interface be like public libraries because we were frustrated with the lack of features on the new one and students having problems figuring out how to log off. We also imported Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks from a .cvs MARC file format into our catalog, which is much better than the search feature on Overdrive. I put the call number as eBook or audiobook. Below is an example with MARC tags. Remember the 856 tag to connect to Overdrive. I had to request the records from my Overdrive rep. Grade 5 Same as above.

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