Thursday, November 3, 2011

Having Fun with Books

A group of kindergarteners bounced into the library like a bunch of baboons. Arms and legs seemed to be everywhere. One girl  did a spin before sitting down, reveling in the swish of her skirt. Another boy jumped before splatting on the ground in a way that would be painful to any adult.  They sat, twitched, and rolled their way into a sitting position before pounding the palms of their hands on the hollow stage creating what sounded like a drum beat. Energy and excitement oozed from their bodies. It reminded me of a lesson I did where I had students tip waste paper baskets upside down and use them as drums while reading the book, Jungle Drums, by Graeme Base. I dropped the books I had originally planned to read and pulled the book out. On three pages when the Warthog makes a wish the students got to pound on the stage. What a blast! They were so darn cute I grabbed the video camera and taped them.

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