Tuesday, May 7, 2013

15-17 Rotation Musings

I'm going all iPads next year and no laptops.

Kindergarten-grade 2: We read new books. Next rotation grade 2 will use Destiny Quest on the iPad and be introduced to searching. One unique feature with the iPads is students can carry it to the shelf when looking for books. So far they've been careful and I've had no one leave them on the floor. I'm going to also have grade 1 use them. This summer I think I'll create a video that shows how to walk to the shelf and look for the book based on the call number. I want it customized to my library.

 Grade 3 and 4: I need to create a curriculum that is better with grade 3 and drop the Photostory book trailer. I feel like I'm trying to shove an elephant through a donut hole. The quality just isn't there. Grade 4 I need to start pulling books for students based on interests.

  Grade 5: I really liked how I focused on reading strategies and getting students excited in grade 5. I did a survey to see what students liked and if my strategies helped sustain reading throughout the year. I found that 75% of the low readers sustained or increased their reading while 100% of the middle and high readers sustained or increased their reading over the course of the school year. My goal was actually reversed with 75% sustained reading of middle to high readers and 100% sustained reading for low readers throughout the entire school year. I was noticing a drop off in grade 5 reading in the spring and was trying to address that issue.

The strategies and lessons were: 1) pulling books individually, 2) showing professional book trailers, 3) writing reviews on Goodreads and getting a virtual badge, 4) using iMovie to make book trailers, 5)using the Kindle, and 6) using eBooks. Low readers liked using the Kindle because of the notetaking feature and writing reviews on Goodreads in order to get a badge. High readers liked the iMovie. All of the students liked it when I pulled "just right" books for them and quickly told them what the book was about. Honestly, I was surprised that they all liked this. I thought I had spread myself too thin (pulling books for 160 students) and wasn't giving them enough attention, but I guess not.

I liked having a skeleton of reading strategies for grade 5 that were separate from the curriculum. That way I could slip them in when I wasn't doing an author study or integrated lesson. It gave me a thread to work in my library skills and get kids excited about reading. The last rotation I have grade 5 go to the middle school and meet the librarian. They can check out books for the summer.

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