Wednesday, December 5, 2012

7th Rotation - happy feet

Kindergarten - Students performed Pete the Cat. The book has been scanned and I put the audio to it using a video editing program. I did this lesson differently from my past and had students cut out the shoes versus me cutting them. After checking out books, the students placed their books off the floor on the benches to the right side then I hand out scissors, 4 colored pieces of construction paper (white, brown, red, and blue), and a shoe template. Students pick a color 4 to 5 depending on class size. I give them one pair of scissors, 2 pieces of construction paper, and one template. Once 4-5 students have chosen one color I hide it behind me and let them chose from what is left. Placing the shoe template over the paper, the student cuts through two pieces of paper around the outline. Most could do this. When they are done they sit on the benches by color on the left side. I play an example on the projector of a class performing it so they get the idea. I play the book and students run to the stage when Pete steps in their colored shoes.

When setting up make sure to tell the students to not scream or run. They still run but say it anyway. When all of the students go up at the end it is somewhat chaotic and crazy. Skip that part if you have a wild class.

I have the students sing along throughout the book and they are usually chirping the chorus well after we have finished. This ties in with the Readers study patterns unit.

Here's a highlight video:

 Grade 1 - Students began their nonfiction unit. I read Mako Shark by Deborah Nuzzolo and pointed out parts of a nonfiction book (call #, glossary, index, table of contents, resourses). The essential questions are How do I read a nonfiction book? What's the main idea? Readers use nonfiction text features to get information (index, other resources, table of contents). Nonfiction text help readers help us answer questions.

Grade 2 - After break students will begin their character unit. I had them find their favorite character in a book, say the title, author and why they like that character using the camera app on the iPad with the iRig microphone. The iRig posed some problems because they pushed down the switch turning off the sound. It would be easier to not use the iRig but the library is so noisy with multiple classes I like to use it because the white noise is blocked out. Here are students working:

Grade 3 - We started our book trailer lesson. Students wrote down their top 3 books on a piece of paper and I grouped them according to books read. I usually have to call up 2-3 kids to see if they have read the same books.

Grade 4 - I downloaded about 50 professionally made book trailers from our library and scholastic and showed them to students - about 20 minutes. The book fair is next week and I wanted to get them excited about reading. After the trailers, they have time to look for the books in the library with my help.

Grade 5 - Lesson 2 using the iMovie app. Some students finished trailers. One student used a book with no pictures. I need to make sure they don't do that. Also, several students chose books where one read it and the other didn't. Maybe next year I'll use a checklist. 1. Partners have read book 2. Book has pictures 3. Trailer focuses on problem. I will change the worksheet. (Take off that they can act out the book on worksheet - doesn't come out as well as other trailers. Okay to mix pictures and themselves, but not just themselves.)

Students on task and like using iMovie.

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