Monday, October 1, 2012

3rd Rotation: Lessons for Grades KA - 5

I lost my library for the week because photos were being taken. At one point there were 4 classes in the library and a bunch of parents. There were probably 100 people and of course I had the grade 3 class with focusing issues. Needless to say they had a tough time doing the lesson. Look below for more on it.

I was using the iPads with grades 3-5 and we were squished in the back. It took me awhile to figure out how to teach in a different space. I used the iPads with the document camera and I also wiped out with an iPad in my arms. Nothing like making a point. I just got done explaining that students had to be careful with them and particularly around me because I am a klutz. I go to sit on my stool and the seat has been moved up two inches. I ended up missing it and falling backwards into the wall with the iPad. Because I didn't want anything to happen to the iPad, I cradled it to my chest and just let myself fall backwards. I hit my head on the stool, bruised both elbows, and cut my ankle. I untangled my limbs, stood up, and said I didn't mean to give students a demonstration. No one laughed. They were perfect little angels the rest of class. I think I scared them.

KA- We read new books. I also put the iPad Story Chimes book, 3 little Pigs, up on the LCD screen. Originally I wanted the KA kids to use the iPads but when I tested it on 2 kids they didn't really get it so I put the story up on the screen. They loved it. I did this at the end when they were looking for books.

K -I read, The Very Greed Bee, by Steve Smallman. Cute story about a bee that eats so much he can't fly back home. Other insects help him along the way. We also read, The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? by Mo Willems. The duckling shares a cookie with the pigeon. Funny twist at the end.

Grade 1 - We read, Ladybug Girl and Bingo, by David Soman.

Grade 2 - We read, Bink & Gollie Two for One, by Kate Dicamillo and Allison McGhee. Just as good as book 1. I laughed so hard at the illustrations. I'll have to review this book. A winner.

Grade 3 - We used the iPads for a book location game. This was really successful. I used the Pic Collage App. Students had a clipboard with 6 call numbers that they had to find in the library. When they found the book they took a picture using the app. Once they had 6 pictures they changed the background and added text with the call number on top of the pictures. The most difficult part is figuring out how the books are in alphabetical order and figuring that out with each letter.

Setup. Show an example of the finished product. They really don't know the term, "call number" and the example shows this. Tell students if they are taking pictures of anything other than books they will lose the use of the iPad and have to do it with paper and pencil. I also give the same warning if they are with friends. They can't be silly or they will be separated.

One class I showed how to use the app and another class I showed it on the screen and sent them off. The second way was quicker and lets the kids who know how to use the iPad the chance to dive in and then I help the others one-on-one.

Last I emailed the collage to me so I can assess if they were able to find books. Each kids name was put in the subject area and I saved them under a folder in Outlook with the teacher's name. There are 6 sections of grade 3 students.

Grade 4 - We used the Destiny Quest app. I showed them how to logon, check book titles, and search. Because they are in pairs each student took turns. This takes up about 15 minutes.

Grade 5 - We used the Destiny Quest app that takes about 10 minutes. Next I show them the Overdrive app so students can download eBooks. They go through all the steps to the part where they download a book. (They can type TAS when they add a library.) Then they stop and the partner does it. This takes about 30 minutes depending on the quirky tech things that go wrong using the Follett catalog. Next lesson they will go to my cart and register for Adobe. Then I'll show the return feature.

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