Friday, April 13, 2012


Sometimes I hate technology. Hate, hate, hate. (Sounds like kindergartener, Junie B. Jones, eh?) But sometimes when things go wrong it forces you in another direction. Sometimes a better direction.

Such is the case when my book blog data with 150 plus posts went corrupt. I lost my links, my tags, my categories, and my sanity (briefly that is). After the temper tantrum passed, I decided to put all my blog posts onto Goodreads. The tedious process was worthwhile as I connected with other book fanatics like myself. Things I like about Goodreads: I like the feature where I can add friends from Facebook or Twitter or email accounts. I get emails telling me my favorite new authors latest books that have been published. I've had two authors read reviews I've written on their books and "like" it.  I have also found quite a few teachers who use it at school, as well as, students. There are some amazing reviewers as well. Try children's librarian, Elizabeth Bird, or author, Kate Messner - two of my favorites.  Bird explains how she likes Kirkus Starred picture books and tries to read them. Messner writes an insightful review on a novel-in-verse that grade 5 students might like. It's a great community for gathering information for my job as a librarian. My hate is now love. I love it.

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