Thursday, December 9, 2010

Course 2 Final Project

Our group for the final project redid the Grade KA-2 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at Taipei American School (TAS.) The policy is good and we just made minor changes to it. As a group we liked the International School of Bangkok's (ISB) AUP because it clearly addresses both parent and student. We adopted that approach because the TAS policy looks like it is for students only. We changed some of the language in the document to simplify it for younger students and eliminate some repetition. We liked the parallelism ISB's policy has with "I will..." so we adopted that as well. The focus of the TAS policy seemed to stress the "rules" and we liked that ISB's more positive tone regarding technology as a tool for learning. We felt students could go over the policy at the beginning of the school year and take it home for parents to sign and discuss with their children.

Here are some of the points we discussed when comparing TAS' AUP and ISB's AUP:

For the Terms of Agreement
# 1. (TAS Revised 1 & 2) we combined 1 & 2 and liked the use of the word "responsiby." #1 didn’t seem necessary because students don’t go to the lab on their own. Classes are scheduled. Combined TAS and ISBs.
#2. (Revised 3) we left the same. They are on both schools AUPs
( TAS 4) we dropped because it makes it sound like only the web page created is safe to use. They will use other sites. It is really about safety and that is covered in #9.
#3 &
#4 (Revised 5 & 6.) We liked the wording on ISBs  #10 better
#5 (Revised 7.) Too limiting for just games. Liked ISBs because it's broader.
#6 (Revised 8.) This is a combination of both schools. It includes TAS values but uses the simple language of ISBs
#7 (Revised 9.) Kept this one the same and used the parallelism in sentence structure.
(Dropped 10 & 11) because these are classroom management skills that the teacher can teach.
We liked ISBs #6, I will ask before I share my name and personal information on the computer, because this is about safety.
We also liked #5 I will ask for help when I do not understand what to do, because it reminds students that we are there to help.
We thought ISB's number#2 & #8 were not necessary because they are included in our #6. We felt that 10 items was somewhat  long for grade KA-2.

Here's our policy:

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